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This could be regarded as the highlight of the article. It serves more of a motivation, really. Skeptical readers need to be reminded that with the correct calling cards where financial resources are concerned, they too can afford their own freestanding house. And they should not delay such opportunities. With most of the houses already sold, time waits for no-one, and as they say, time is money.

Business opportunities already abound for those who do not hesitate. The Eastview Homes complex makes provision for small to medium sized traders to relocate or branch out. Favorable lease prices allow them to realize realistic turnover targets and perhaps it may even be churlish to suggest that there is less competition. The scene is set for a tranquil trading environment, far removed from the urban settings of the major Antipolo precincts.


These traders and Eastview Homes’ developers do have one common interest. The resident and potential newcomers. Restaurateurs can also lend themselves to a bit more creativity than usual in creating an ambience and menu that is commensurate with the tropical landscape theme. Acre space per plot also allows residents to make their own developments, provided of course, that it remains within the ethos of the residential development plan.


This is to their benefit because it adds value to their property remaining a good long term investment. Within the confines of their own home, the internal infrastructure provides them with enough space to carry out their own home improvements. Outside, however, is another matter. It is pretty much done and dusted where that is concerned. There is not much to add to the greenery and landscaped features. Maintenance plans and gardening services also allow residents to take good care of their property on a professional level.

In closing, more motivations are being added to make a hasty investment in Eastview Homes. The first part of this closing motivation is purely emotional. And the concluding part takes a more serious look at the financial implications which are, of course, all positive. No arms are being twisted. There are no promotional gimmicks behind the scenes. All there is, really, is the realization that an investment in property, whether residential or commercial, remains one of the safest and potentially, most profitable investments around.

  • Landscaped Parks and Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Landscaped Gate and Guardhouse
  • Perimeter Fence with secured gate
  • Concrete Roads
  • Manila Water Facilities
  • Meralco Facilities
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