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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
2 Bedroom ₱ 2.5 M 50 SQM
3 Bedroom ₱ 2.8 M 70 SQM
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Financing scheme
15% Downpayment for 12 months and 20% Downpayment for 15 Months
Sample Computation
Total Contract Price: 2,895,690
15% Downpayment: 434,353.50
Reservation Fee: 20,000
Net DP: 414,353.50
Payable in 15mos: 27,623.57/month
85% Loanable Amount: 2,461,336.50
Monthly Amort thru Bank Financing
5yrs at 7.5%. - 49,320.14/month
10yrs at 8.5% - 30,517.05/month
15yrs at 9.25% - 25,331.89/month


Given Eastview Homes’ proximity to Antipolo’s major precincts there can be nothing but added value where realizing investment potential and even future streams of income are concerned. The city, like most others in the Philippines, remains under construction as it were. But who wants to continue living in smog and noise every day? Here, of course, is an opportunity to move away from city limits and out into the country.

The caveat is that in this case when you are ‘out in the country’ breathing in the fresh country air, you are, in actual fact, never far from important places of work and business. There is no longer the need to commute long distances to and from work. The earliest motivation given to targeted investors is that this highly prized development remains within reach in terms of affordability. Conventional construction methods used has added to the properties’ long term investment potential.

The methods used are designed to ensure that building constructions last longer than average. Esthetic requirements or desires have been properly taken care of in the way these housing units have been composed. More than enough lot space, starting at seventy square meters, allows for the sense of privacy and independence only dreamed of in urban developmental centers. Alongside the Eastview development’s natural surroundings, residents can keep a jealous eye on their own external and picturesque amenities.


Now, those who still insist that they cannot yet afford such a house should make every effort to contact local real estate agents to talk about rent to buy opportunities. In fact, why not contact the developer’s staff directly. Opportunity always knocks, and it also waits for no-one. Eastview Homes 3’s developers have, from the outset, always had families in mind. The so-called country life is the ideal environment in which to bring up a young family healthily.

Living in a complex environment with appropriate perimeter fencing and twenty four hour manned security, also provides the young family with its desired security. That takes care of the developer’s motivations. This article went on to feature the building constructions and made a distinction between the two bed roomed and three bed roomed choices that discerning investors need to make. After that, it stretched wide to highlight some of the external amenities that residents can expect to enjoy.

The point has been made that these amenities can all be found within the perimeter fencing of Eastview Homes. If needs be, there is no need to leave home to take care of shopping and recreational time off for dining and outdoor excursions. Even so, the logistics are that residents are within minutes of every significant public point of interest within the greater Antipolo. The added advantage of this is that, carbon footprints being taken care of, residents do not need to rely on own transport and can utilize existing public transport facilities.

In closing, one final push was made in motivating readers on the long term investment potential that owning a home at Eastview Homes 3 holds. But surely, dear readers, a desire to enjoy the country or tropical life every day of the year needs no further motivation, all the more since it’s already on your doorstep.

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